Satogokoro (nostalgia) is contribution #72 to “Abbi cura di te” (Curate yourself).

After three months of isolation, I got to see my boyfriend in person again. I photographed him in my garden after having applied dried flowers to his face. I had collected the flowers with this intent in mind in the same garden when the quarantine started. Most of these flowers were no longer in bloom at the time the photos were taken. To dry them I put them between the pages of a book called “Lost Japan”, which links the nostalgia for Japan to the nostalgia for my partner.

“Abbi cura di te” (Curate yourself) was born with the intention of facing, in this critical, suspended moment, the centrality of visual culture and its sharing. The home silently, for years, has kept objects, images, sounds, transforming itself into a private collection of a potential imaginary museum where each one is the creative director.