Jester Opening Weekend

To inaugurate a new space means to imagine its possibilities and celebrate the community that will animate it. During our opening weekend we give life to a still untouched house, adorning its most homey rooms and bringing light to darker corners. Jester’s inaugural weekend includes workshops, talks, performances, and screenings that in one way or another revolve around the notion of housewarming, as well as the rituals and traditions connected to sharing a newly occupied space, making it a place suitable for hosting an engaged public.

Some of the featured artists address the theme of housewarming as a spiritual moment able to attract the whole community, when ceremonial actions are performed to ensure a prosperous future; in most cultures during a housewarming the invited guests are required to bring tokens of their friendship: bread, salt, coffee, or other food, wood for the fireplace, textiles and threads, decorations, or musical instruments are all part of a well-wishing ritual and charged with intricate symbolisms. Many of these rites are meant to purify the environment, clearing the space of some mysterious lingering presence. With a similar intent some of the featured artists’ performances will invoke spirits to inspire a connection between Jester’s past and future, exorcizing its historical and current ghosts. Mindful of the importance of Jester’s hospitality, some artists/cooks will norture us and involve us in the food making process through their specially conceived installations: the meals prepared in the premises of Jester will emphasise the site manifold potential and history.

Friday opens with an unconventional open mic session led by one of the guest artists, which will then lead us into a party. On Saturday, Jester puts a spotlight on her resident artists, who will share some aspects of their work, often in progress. Together with the invited aritsts, we will bring new energy to animate the pristine spaces of Jester, as well as try to connect to and channel the energy already present on this unique historical site. On Sunday, the fast-paced activities at Jester slow down, tuning in with the sleepy rhythm of autumnal nature. This day is about spending time together, in the new house, sharing stories over food and fire, stepping outside of the house and into the landscape.